Registered Trademark – Much more than just a domain name, PayVu is a fully registered Federal Trademark for financial services. Concise & packed with easily understood meaning. This is a very memorable name that's visionary, clear & honest.

PayVu is an extremely versatile brand that could be applied to:
    • hardware
    • software
    • mobile apps
    • services
    • partnerships & joint-ventures
    • or any combination

Great for financial services, eCommerce, transaction management, payment processing & much more.

The PayVu brand package includes the Registered Trademark & 15 domains:

    Trademark (covers PayVu, PayView, PayVue & all other sound-alikes)

    PayVu (.com)
        PayVu (.net)
        PayVu (.org)
        PayVu (.co)
    Pay-View (.com) (.net)
    Pay-Vu (.com) (.net)
    Pay-Vue (.com) (.net)
    PayView (.co)
    PayViz (.com) (.net)
    PayVue (.co) (.net)

Arovox previously used this brand for our small business eCommerce & Payment Processing consulting services & tools. However, due to business re-organizing, these services are being phased out. Current clients will continue to be supported. We are seeking a buyer for this brand name asset - if you are interested, please contact us.


The perfect name for micro-payments, either real currency or in-game currency. Alternate spellings & typo protection add value.

Domains included in this brand package:

    NanoChecks (.com)
    NanoChex (.com)

NanoBanks .com
NanoBanx .com

The perfect place for NanoChex to be kept safe? In NanoBanx of course.

PrivateLinx .com


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