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HDXL is a powerful & unique name. It's short & easy to remember. People instantly understand the meaning, which combines 2 iconic & consise acronyms into a perfect name. It's extremely versatile & has impact in any chosen area. The HDXL name could be used to brand any of the following:

        • The world's best, biggest & ultimate bundle of High-Def content
        • HD fiber-optic, cable, satellite or streaming content
        • High-Definition Optical Storage formats
        • New larger format TV's
        • Higher Definition monitor or TV technology
        • Network / channel dedicated to the most HD content
        • Streaming media service
        • Media recorder with higher capacity

The HDXL brand package includes 21 domains, offering strong verticals, complimentary product opportunities & brand protection.

There's only 1 in the world, upgrade your brand with HDXL now.

XLerate your HD experience today!  ...  go beyond HD, with HDXL.

Full list of all 21 domains in the HDXL package:
       • HDXL (.com)
           · HDXL (.biz)
           · HDXL (.co)
           · HDXL (.info)
           · HDXL (.mobi)
           · HDXL (.name)
           · HDXL (.net)
           · HDXL (.org)
           · HDXL (.TV)
           · HDXL (.us)
       • HD-XL (.com)
           · HD-XL (.net)
           · HD-XL (.org)
       • HDXL-TV (.com)
           · HDXL-TV (.net)
       • HDXLmedia (.com)
           · HDXLmedia (.net)
       • HDXLTV (.com)
           · HDXLTV (.net)
       • HDXLvideo (.com)
           · HDXLvideo (.net)

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